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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Good but not great, “Miss Peregrine’s” reminds you over and over that it’s a Tim Burton film without emulating the magic of his previous movies.
Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams star as Walter and Margaret Keane in Tim Burton's "Big Eyes," distributed by The Weinstein Company.

Big Eyes

Director Tim Burton ditches the remake game for an original piece, and the result is a delicious funny/sad tale with top-notch performances.

Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams star as Walter and Margaret Keane in Tim Burton's "Big Eyes," distributed by The Weinstein Company.

Big Eyes

Disabuse yourself of the "automatic awards contender" notion, and simply enjoy this peppy, punchy, poignant and powerfully acted surprise from Tim Burton.
Frankenweenie Binge inside-1


It may be another remake by Tim Burton, but "Frankenweenie" actually has a little heart and soul in this story of a dog and the boy who reanimates him.

Hit and Run

Coming to DVD & Blu-ray Jan. 8

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell are on the run in "HIt & Run" and Tim Burton breathes new life into man's best friend in "Frankenweenie" on DVD & Blu-ray this week.
Frankenweenie Binge inside-1

The Burton Binge: “Frankenweenie”

In the triumphant finale to his look back at all of Tim Burton's movies, Sam reviews "Frankenweenie" and hands out his best-and-worst Burton awards.

Frankenweenie - inside


Another old story resurrected by Tim Burton, "Frankenweenie" isn't fresh but at least still has some creative juice.
Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows

After 10 years of crappy remakes that went on to become box office hits, Tim Burton's bad karma finally caught up to him with the bloodless "Dark Shadows."

Dark Shadows

Coming to DVD & Blu-ray Oct. 1

Michelle Pfeiffer and Johnny Depp star in Tim Burton's tale of a vampire who returns to the land of the living in "Dark Shadows" and Elizabeth Banks and Chris Pine find family in "People Like Us."
Dark Shadows-inside

The Burton Binge: “Dark Shadows”

As dense and twisty as its soap opera source material, this latter Burton effort blithely juggles droll humor and tragic romance.


The Burton Binge: “Alice in Wonderland”

This week, Tim Burton tumbles down the rabbit hole, delivering a surprisingly personal commentary along the way.
Sweeney todd inside

The Burton Binge: “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”

This adaptation of the 1979 stage musical is easily Burton's grimmest work.

corpse bride-inside

The Burton Binge: “Corpse Bride”

Tim Burton returns to the world of hand-crafted wonder for this delightfully whimsical fairy tale romance.

The Burton Binge: “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”

A backwards step from "Big Fish," this film features one of the few Burton worlds to which you'll want to remain an outsider.