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Bridge of Spies - featured

Bridge of Spies

"Bridge of Spies" is an enlivening geopolitical thriller that pulls the curtain back on an unknown battle during the Cold War.
In this Thursday Jan. 15, 2009 file photo, airline passengers wait to be rescued on the wings of a US Airways Airbus 320 jetliner that safely ditched in the frigid waters of the Hudson River in New York, after a flock of birds knocked out both its engines. The audio recordings of US Airways Flight 1549, released Thursday, Feb 5, 2009 by the Federal Aviation Administration, reflect the initial tension between tower controllers and the cockpit and then confusion about whether the passenger jet went into the river. (AP Photo/Steven Day)

Aaron Eckhart and Tom Hanks team up for “Miracle On The Hudson” movie

Aaron Eckhart & Tom Hanks are going to fly. Tom Hanks will be Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger. In 2009, some birds got into the engine of Sullenberger’s plane. Sullenberger was able to safely splash down on The Hudson River, saving the lives of everyone on board. This was called the Miracle on The Hudson. Aaron […]

Captain Phillips - inside

Captain Phillips

Paul Greengrass' textured, subtle drama about a seaborne hijacking dares to treat the villains as complex individuals.
Gravity - lede

Snubs, Surprises in 2013 Oscar Nominations

The lack of nominations for Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks and Robert Redford were among the biggest snubs and surprises for the 2013 Oscars.


Saving Mr. Banks

This look at the making of "Mary Poppins" is the charming confection you expect it might be, but here, spoonfuls of salt make the medicine go down.
Saving Mr. Banks - inside

Saving Mr. Banks

I wish there could have been a spoonful of magic while this movie and I traveled together.

Captain Phillips - inside

Captain Phillips

This account of the real capture of a U.S. vessel by pirates showcases the skills of director Paul Greengrass and caps off another great Tom Hanks performance.
Cloud Atlas - inside

Cloud Atlas

A grand, brave film, "Cloud Atlas" is often puzzling but sometimes brilliant, a true sci-fi epic.