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"Breathe" mostly stays away from the standard "disabled person inspires others" tropes, with another wonderful performance by Andrew Garfield.

The Promise

A film of startling authority and ravishing power, "The Promise" has all the elements of classic epic: a sweeping historical backdrop with a very intimate human story at the center.

About Time

A romantic movie with a mountain of smarts as well as heart, "About Time" is way more ambitious than your average romcom.

British Film Focus

Charles Dickens' life is seen from a new perspective, Jude Law pushes the boundaries of his acting and film news from the UK.


Even though the vampires-as-lovers shtick is pretty played out, director Neil Jordan breathes new life into the undead romance genre.


A cool new action star has arrived on the scene. And you can even see the action!

Heroes of the Zeroes: In the Loop

"In the Loop" — filled with diabolical wit and depressing truths about boomeranging war policy — continues Nick Rogers' look at the 365 best films of 2000-2009.