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Community inside

Community: Season Three

The weirdest show on network TV gets even weirder but stays true to its characters.
Inbetweeners inside

The Inbetweeners: The Complete Series

This raunchy British sitcom could be called "Superbad: The TV Show," and that's not a bad thing.

Cinema Verite inside

Cinema Verite

It's not good when the filmmakers you're covering are edgier than the judgment placed upon them.
Treme inside

Treme: Season Two

One of my favorite shows on the air has another season full of joy toward the culture of New Orleans and impressive storytelling skills.

Delocated inside

Delocated: Seasons 1 & 2

Jon Glaser makes the show he wants about a fame-seeking member of the Witness Protection Program.
Boardwalk Empire inside

Boardwalk Empire: Season One

This season aired in 2010. Did HBO forget to release this Prohibition-era show? Do I blame them?

Justified inside

Justified: Season Two

Sharp writing, great villains and awesome gunfights make this one of the coolest shows on TV.
Breaking Bad episode inside

Top 10 TV Episodes of 2011

Austin brings in nine friends to each profile of the best episodes of the year. According to us, "Community" is a lot more popular than the ratings suggest.

Archer inside

Top 10 TV Seasons of 2011

It turns out the best stories, characters and thrills weren't on the big screen this year but on that smaller one already in your house.
In Treatment inside

In Treatment: Season Three

This season isn't as strong at the others, but this nuanced show about a therapist and his patients remains a true television gem.

How I Met Your Mother inside

How I Met Your Mother: Season Six

The fun CBS comedy knows how to have a good time but is no longer interested in trying to tell a larger story.
The Hour inside

The Hour

A blending of "Broadcast News," "Three Days of the Condor" and "Mad Men" makes for one of the most fun new TV shows.

Cougar Town inside

Cougar Town: Season Two

This delightful comedy knows how bad its title is. Watch it anyway.
Running Wilde inside

Running Wilde: Season One

Everyone hoped this would be the next "Arrested Development," but it's devoid of any emotion or humor.