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Home - lede


Animated movies are so outstanding these days that merely-good flicks like "Home" have the patina of disappointment about them.
What We Do in the Shadows - featured

What We Do in the Shadows

The mockumentary and vampire genres converge (werewolves, too) in this oft-hilarious sendup.

Ex Machina - lede

Ex Machina

A moody, ambitious sci-fi drama that never dares to move beyond its novel premise.
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Abigail Breslin star in "Maggie" (2015), now available on DVD & Blu-ray.


Schwarzenegger gets to show off some unused dramatic acting chops. But this low-budget zombie drama needed more narrative.

Get Hard - inside

Get Hard

"Get Hard" may wallow for its laughs, but it still earns them.
Kingsman - Lede

Kingsman: The Secret Service

One of the year's brashest, daffiest hits, "Kingsman" is a send-up of the spy genre that nevertheless embraces its 007 action.