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Gods of Egypt - featured

Gods of Egypt

A prime candidate for "Mystery Science Theater 3000" heckling, "Gods of Egypt" is a trashy movie that can be enjoyed for its sins.
The Finest Hours -  featured

The Finest Hours

It may not win many points for originality, but "The Finest Hours" is a solid blend of action, drama and historical celebration.

The Witch - Featured

The Witch

Quibbles about period speech aside, "The Witch" is one of the creepiest and most original horror films in recent memory.
deadpool featured


A truly audacious twist on the superhero genre, "Deadpool" represents the next step in the evolution of comics-to-movies.

The 5th Wave - featured

The 5th Wave

As young adult science fiction goes, "The 5th Wave" isn't bad. But we've seen too many iterations of "ordinary girl saves world" for this to engage us.
Son of Saul - featured

Son of Saul

A deserved Oscar winner for Best Foreign Language Film, “Son of Saul” takes a very innovative approach in telling a familiar and heartbreaking tale.


The Revenant

It’s a grim existential journey worth the investment of 2½ hours of your time.
Star Wars The Force Awakens - featured

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The seventh installment of the space saga has all the thrills to soothe fans' hearts. But it could have stood to be more ambitious.