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Traumatized by his handler's death in Afghanistan, a Belgian Malinois military working dog is adopted by the fallen Marine's family in "Max," a 2015 MGM / Warner Brothers family film directed by Boaz Yakin.


By trying to sharpen its edges when sincere, simple empathy suits it fine, “Max” swerves its story in the worst possible direction.

New to View: ‘American Sniper’

The highest-grossing film of 2014, George Lucas's animated musical and a Russian melodrama lead this week's crop of new DVD and Blu-ray releases.

Patton - Inside

Cinema Blind Spots: Patton (1970)

Despite its shortcomings, “Patton” is a time capsule that exhibits the 1950s studio epic aesthetic in a new 1970s style.

Lone Survivor

Peter Berg's appropriately harrowing, horrifying and humbling war film only goes Hollywood after running an unshakably exhausting gauntlet of authenticity.

The Expendables 2

The Expendables 2

The Expendables are back and blowing every bad guy and '80s action movie cliche out of the water.
The Lucky One image within post

The Lucky One

Zac Efron is All Grown Up, Attractive and Sensitive: The Movie!

Paradise Lost inside

Oscar Documentary Shortlist 2012

Fifteen documentaries made the Oscar shortlist, but how come we haven't heard of so many of them? Are they any good?

The Eagle

The only thing beefier than Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell is the unexpectedly substantial drama in this historical action film.



A nerve-shredding thriller that also offers subtle civilian-in-wartime commentary and a revelatory performance from Ryan Reynolds.
Peleliu inside

Peleliu 1944: Horror in the Pacific

This World War II documentary covers one battle with insight and deserving emotion.

A Very Long Engagement - lede

Heroes of the Zeroes: A Very Long Engagement

"A Very Long Engagement" — a dark, engaging fairytale of epic emotions and scope — continues Nick Rogers' daily look back at the 365 best films of 2000-2009.
Lebanon inside


Brilliantly tense and harrowingly claustrophobic, Samuel Maoz's "Lebanon" is the war film you haven't seen, but should.

Film Title: Tropic Thunder

Heroes of the Zeroes: Tropic Thunder

"Tropic Thunder" — in which stars' collective Paramount hits become prank escrow — continues Nick Rogers' daily look back at the 365 best films of 2000-2009.
Centurion  inside


A cavalcade of carnage for those who thought "Braveheart" was too tame.