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Life Itself

by Christopher Lloydon July 9, 2014
Film critic Roger Ebert's life had all the ingredients for a great movie. And "Life Itself" is that movie.

Which Docs Will Get the Nod?

by Austin Lugaron January 14, 2014
Guest contributor Austin Lugar takes a look at the 15 documentaries shortlisted for an Oscar nomination, and which five will most likely fill out the roster.

Jack Reacher

by Nick Rogerson May 5, 2013
Exactly the sort of well-paced, whip-smart thriller everyone bemoans a lack of but rarely pays to see, Tom Cruise's "Jack Reacher" gets a second shot on Blu-ray.

Jack Reacher

by Christopher Lloydon December 20, 2012
A trashy action movie with A-list stars and production values, "Jack Reacher" ain't any great shakes. But for what it is, it does it effectively.

Into the Abyss

by Patrick Mitchellon April 8, 2012
A master of the art of documentary, Werner Herzog outdoes himself once again with this cerebral look at murder from the convicts' perspective and the state's.

Into the Abyss

by Austin Lugaron December 9, 2011
Werner Herzog's new documentary argues that nobody should be executed — even someone involved in a triple murder.

Jackass 3.5

by Austin Lugaron June 13, 2011
Werner Herzog joins The Film Yap to provide insight into this new documentary.

Cave of Forgotten Dreams 3D

by Austin Lugaron May 29, 2011
The latest Herzog documentary is too limited with its subject material.

Free Films!: Hulu

by Austin Lugaron May 7, 2011
First in a new series. Austin shows you the great free films available on

Heroes of the Zeroes: Rescue Dawn

by Nick Rogerson September 12, 2010
"Rescue Dawn" — an engrossing, but untraditionally somber, POW-escape film — continues Nick Rogers' daily look back at the 365 best films of 2000-2009.