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Now You See Me

If a trick really is something a whore does for money, “Now You See Me” is a cut-above illusion that plays fanciful, fast and loose, but more or less fair. Continue reading

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Seven Psychopaths

“Seven Psychopaths” isn’t what you’d hope for after a movie like “In Bruges” but it’s entertaining nonetheless. Continue reading

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Seven Psychopaths

Ultimately, it’s like watching a dog chase its own tail: It’s only funny until you realize that the running in circles isn’t ever really going to stop. Continue reading

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The Hunger Games

The other young adult box office phenom, “The Hunger Games” actually has a brain in its head and a story to tell. Continue reading

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Natural Born Killers (1994)

While all of Oliver Stone’s films imaginatively and accurately display the country’s cultural landscape, none are as vivid as this ’90s crime thriller. Continue reading

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A powerful performance by Woody Harrelson as a brutal cop who’s corrupt down to the bone. Continue reading

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The Hunger Games

Sustained tension, vivid cinematography and mostly spectacular casting make this adaptation of the bestselling young adult novel a winning fighter. Continue reading

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Friends With Benefits

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis play two friends that realize the hard way that sex without love is like peanut butter without jelly. Continue reading

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Friends with Benefits

A romantic comedy that seems to think that if it mocks the conventions of the romcom genre, it’s allowed to fall back on them time and again. Continue reading

I Wrote This For You

Original songs deserve some recognition, too, so here are some of the best of recent years.
Continue reading

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