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MCU Retrospective, Part 11—”Guardians of the Galaxy”

Marvel's first journey into the cosmos surprised us with one of the series' most oddball and lovable entries, and a team-up movie better than "The Avengers."

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

It may not be the nonstop laugh-a-thon of its predecessor, but "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" manages to expand its universe and ambitions.

Live By Night

Ben Affleck certainly knows how to shoot himself as a director, and how to shoot himself in the foot as a screenwriter.

Star Trek Beyond

It's the best of the "Star Trek" reboots — which is to say it's a step up from mediocre.

Chris Hemsworth will have a big part in ‘Star Trek 4’

He’s a dad in real life, and now, he has once again agreed to be a dad to one of the most iconic characters of all time! That’s right, Chris Hemsworth is taking on the role of George Kirk, Captain Kirk’s dad, again! George passed away in the very beginning of the first movie, before […]

‘Star Trek: Beyond’ Trailer looks like the end of the road for the Enterprise

Out of this world news for Star Trek fans! We have a special Sunday treat for you: the second trailer for “Star Trek: Beyond”. Simon Pegg, who helped with the script for the movie, Zoe Saldana, Chris Pine, and Zachary Quinto are all back in the starship saddle again for the sequel. Unfortunately, it looks […]

Infinitely Polar Bear

A textured performance by Mark Ruffalo as a loving dad with mental instability makes this a don't-miss indie.

Infinitely Polar Bear

"Infinitely Polar Bear" is a personal story with universal themes about what drives families apart, and keeps them together.