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Post Mortem: The Walking Dead, Season Three

With the release on DVD and Blu Ray of what may be the finest season of “The Walking Dead” yet, The Film Yap takes a look back at the hard lessons learned from the series’ fatally flawed Season Three. Continue reading

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Lifeforce (1985)

“Lifeforce” is a perfectly sealed ’80s sci-fi time capsule — a tale of Halley’s Comet, buxom space vampires and a touch of Patrick Stewart for good measure. Continue reading

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A Virgin Among the Living Dead (1971)

The main character’s virginity (or lack thereof) is highly suspect, but the overall schlock value certainly is not in “A Virgin Among the Living Dead.”
Continue reading

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No Sleep October: Pontypool (2009)

Horror movie novice Evan Dossey takes on 2009’s “Pontypool.” Continue reading

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World War Z

A serviceable-enough Brad Pitt vehicle, but as a sociopolitical zombie thriller, not so much. Continue reading

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“Manborg” is like watching your friend play a video game, only you never want him to pass the controller because you’re too busy having a great time. Continue reading

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Resident Evil: Retribution

Alice is back in this fifth installment of the Resident Evil series, which stands to be the most epic to date. Continue reading

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For newbies to horror, this richly animated film is an enchanting introduction. Continue reading

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Juan of the Dead

A blood-soaked romp through the zombie-riddled streets of Havana, “Juan of the Dead” is a uniquely Cuban film that stands to be an instant Schlock Vault classic. Continue reading

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“Stripperland” promises so much but doesn’t deliver. Continue reading

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