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World War Z

A serviceable-enough Brad Pitt vehicle, but as a sociopolitical zombie thriller, not so much. Continue reading

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“Manborg” is like watching your friend play a video game, only you never want him to pass the controller because you’re too busy having a great time. Continue reading

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Resident Evil: Retribution

Alice is back in this fifth installment of the Resident Evil series, which stands to be the most epic to date. Continue reading

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For newbies to horror, this richly animated film is an enchanting introduction. Continue reading

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Juan of the Dead

A blood-soaked romp through the zombie-riddled streets of Havana, “Juan of the Dead” is a uniquely Cuban film that stands to be an instant Schlock Vault classic. Continue reading

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“Stripperland” promises so much but doesn’t deliver. Continue reading

Free Films! – Archive

A website hosting public domain films allows you to download beloved classics. Continue reading

The Zed Word: Zombie Talk

Sam Watermeier and guest Evan Dossey talk about zombies in honor of the upcoming premiere of the new television series, “The Walking Dead.” Continue reading

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AAAH! Zombies!!

The latest evolution in the zombie movie genre: Zombies as protagonists. Continue reading

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Redneck Zombies

There’s enough stick and ick in this flick to have you reaching for the soap and pumice stone. Continue reading

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