Mudbound shows a poignantly authentic view of American racism, and deserves praise for it. But it's severely hampered by its overlong and unfocused structure.

Thor: Ragnarok

"Ragnarok" doesn't quite escape the Marvel mold in its third act, but the action and improv comedy make it one of the most entertaining in the franchise.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Despite an eccentric and uniquely bleak tone, Sacred Deer's plodding pace and unsurprising resolution make it hard to justify the journey.


Despite a heaping helping of twists and turns, Suburbicon can't muster up enough genuine intrigue to make this mob thriller worthwhile.

The Snowman

Without an arc for its protagonist (or really anyone), and feeling particularly underdeveloped and trimmed-down, The Snowman can't make much of an impression.

The Florida Project

Warm, radiant, tragic, and authentic, "The Florida Project" looks at the harsh realities of those in poverty through the vibrant hopefulness of children's eyes.

Battle of the Sexes

This sports biopic is messy from start to finish and makes its opportunistic, perhaps chauvinistic antagonist more interesting to watch than its feminist hero.

American Assassin

Despite toying with some interesting developments, "American Assassin" makes a habit of wasting opportunities at distinction by choosing the commercial road.