“Panther” holds off “Wrinkle” to remain box office king

"Black Panther" easily holds off "A Wrinkle in Time," in a historic weekend that saw the top two grossing films directed by African-Americans.

MCU Retrospective, Part 11—”Guardians of the Galaxy”

Marvel's first journey into the cosmos surprised us with one of the series' most oddball and lovable entries, and a team-up movie better than "The Avengers."

#Oscars90 Reaction

They came, they saw, they got bling, they sang-off key. Christopher Lloyd gives his views on the 90th Academy Awards.

“Black Panther” now 10th top-grossing domestic film

"Black Panther" quickly zips to the half-billion mark, making it the 10th top-grossing film of all time -- and show little signs of slowing.

MCU Retrospective, Part 10—”Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

With a perfect blend of politics and character reflection, along with its unmatched action sequences, there's no doubt "The Winter Soldier" is the MCU's best.

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Fearless Oscar Predictions 2018

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Roar of “Black Panther” not fading

Naysayers expecting "Black Panther" to fade quickly will be disappointed, as it tops $100 million in its second weekend and $700 million globally.