Stanley Tucci (center) and Tony Shalhoub (right) play bickering brothers running a restaurant — while busboy Cristiano (Marc Anthony) toils away — in 1996's "Big Night," a comedy drama from the Samuel Goldwyn Company.

Class of 1996: ‘Big Night’

A food film that also understands the push & pull, the pains & pleasures, and the insistent call of “the American dream” without speechifying or simplifying.

“Magnificent” is the word for this opening

The remake of a remake goes for $35 million in its opening weekend, with "Storks" also flying high and "Sully" still airborne.


“Sully” keeps altitude as “Blair Witch,” “Bridge” and “Snowden” crash

All the newcomers crash and burn on liftoff, while "Sully" glides to $22 million on its second weekend in release.

Movie Jibber-Jabber #11: Moana, Game of Thrones, Scary Movie Memories

Evan talks the latest Disney "princess" movie, catching up on "Game of Thrones" and Large Marge's traumatic effect on his childhood.


“Sully” soars with $35 million

"Sully" beats expectations with a solid $35 million haul, ending the summer movie season on a high altitude moment.

Movie Jibber-Jabber #10: Break-Ups, “Sully,” Another Scary Moment

This week, Evan discusses the recent big Hollywood break-up, reviews "Sully" and talks about another scary memory of movies past.

Don't Breathe - Featured

“Don’t Breathe” leads wrap-up of weak summer box office

As a weak summer movie season closes out, "Don't Breathe" leads a weak field of newcomers, with "The Light Between the Oceans" coming in sixth.
Hell or High Water

Movie Jibber-Jabber #9: “Hell or High Water,” News, and Scary Moments

This week, Evan covers some recent movie news, reviews "Hell or High Water" and shares a scary memory from his moviegoing past.

William of Baskerville (Sean Connery) and Adso of Melk (Christian Slater) contemplate clues to a murder in "The Name of the Rose," a 1986 adaptation of Umberto Eco's novel.

Class of 1986: ‘The Name of the Rose’

Umberto Eco's assessment of this movie is unkind, but his book hasn't been stripped down to a tawdry whodunit. Here, the whydunit matters as much, if not more.

Gene Wilder is no longer with us

Gene Wilder officially got a golden ticket to the other side. He is no longer with us. He lost his life because of Alzheimers and was 83. He became the center of so many people’s childhoods when he took on the role of Willy Wonka. When we eat candy today, we’ll think of you Gene.

Don't Breathe - Featured

“Don’t Breathe” breaks Squad’s stranglehold on box office

The tiny horror film finally knocks "Suicide Squad" off the box office throne with a $26 million debut.

Suicide Squad leads weak field of new films

No new films make much impact as "Suicide Squad" and "Sausage Party" lead the box office despite dramatic drop-offs.

Pete's Dragon - featured

“Suicide Squad” on top; “Sausage Party” and “Pete’s Dragon” open strong

"Suicide Squad" drops hard after a record opening, but its $44 million haul enough to beat strong debuts from "Sausage Party" and "Pete's Dragon."