“Beauty and the Beast” up to nearly $700 million after just two weeks

With no serious challengers at the box office, "Beauty and the Beast" dominates with an $88 million haul, bringing its worldwide haul to nearly $700 million after just two weeks.

The Long and Short of It: ‘Reds’

Here's this column's first film whose length feels excessive. It's a quietly devastating, intimate love story swallowed up in a stilted political epic.

“Beauty and the Beast” breaks records

The live-action remake of "Beauty and the Beast" scores a record-breaking $170 million opening weekend; "Logan," "Kong: Skull Island" and "Get Out" all still strong.

3 Documentaries About Bitcoin You Need to Watch ASAP

Since Bitcoin was first introduced to the world back in January 2009, there have been several documentaries focused entirely on the cryptocurrency – but which ones are actually worth watching? Bitcoin is the world’s most famous, decentralized digital currency having been adopted as a viable payment option by millions around the globe. Whilst it exists […]

“Kong” lives again with $61 million weekend

"Kong: Skull Island" scares up $61 million, while "Logan" holds on strong.

The Long and Short of It: ‘Meet Joe Black’

This sumptuous romantic fantasy gets a lot of flak for its length. But the measured pace feels fitting for a film about how every minute matters.

"Logan" easily slices up the competition with an $85 million haul; "The Shack" opens strong while "Get Out" has legs.
Mark McClure stars in the 1987 Universal Pictures sketch-comedy collection "Amazon Women on the Moon."

Class of 1987: ‘Amazon Women on the Moon’

This sketch-comedy film's creators couldn't presage how we (and our messages) self-destruct in 10 seconds or 140 characters. Still, this raucous amalgam works.