The Phantom (Billy Zane) and his trusty steed, Hero, battle evil forces in "The Phantom," a 1996 Paramount Pictures action-adventure directed by Simon Wincer.

Class of 1996: ‘The Phantom’

Considering its lack of personality in hindsight, perhaps “The Phantom” would have been better served betting the house on its old-school aesthetic.

Movie Jibber-Jabber, Vol. 3: Nicolas Winding Refn, Indiana IMAX, Vader, Summer of Schlock

This week, Evan takes a look at "The Neon Demon," the Indiana State Museum IMAX, and his Summer of Schlock.


Indy PopCon Convention Diary

  Indy PopCon has quickly become a go-to summer destination for conventiongoers, focusing on all of pop culture rather than simply a “comic con.” Held June 17-19, it doesn’t have a sexy group of big-name headlining guests like perhaps the Wizard World Comic Cons do, but it has a solid group of guests, panels and […]
smith inside

The Movie Jibber-Jabber, Vol. 2: ‘The Walking Dead,’ Kevin Smith, ‘The Lobster,’

This week, Evan highlights news about "The Walking Dead," discusses Kevin Smith's forthcoming appearance in Indianapolis, and reviews "The Lobster."

Roman Holiday -- Featured Image

Reeling Backward: ‘Roman Holiday’

Audrey Hepburn is absolutely delightful in her screen debut.

Movie Jibber-Jabber, Vol. 1: Star Wars, Warcraft, Indy PopCon

Evan discusses his thoughts on the completion of principal photography on "Episode VIII," the recent release of "Warcraft" and upcoming Indy film events.

Nicktoons Feature

Film on Vinyl: ’90s Cartoon Classics

The '90s gave birth to some of the best cartoons every created, and Enjoy the Ride Records has bottled them all up into one amazing compilation.
David Patrick Kelly gets the upper hand on Ben Stiller in "Flirting with Disaster," writer-director David O. Russell's 1996 screwball comedy for Miramax Films.

Class of 1996: ‘Flirting with Disaster’

A comedy with little on its mind beyond detonating farcical fireworks over a full boat of stars, but it remains one of its form's finest from the last 20 years.