The latest contenders for the James Bond role

There are few more coveted roles in Hollywood than that of James Bond. Over the years, the likes of Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan have achieved cinematic immortality by playing the part of the famous British spy. But seeing as Daniel Craig is still looking unlikely to return to the role of 007, […]

The Long and Short of It: ‘Gandhi’

The Oscar-winning epic has a massive scope, but it never loses sight of its linchpin — the flesh-and-blood man behind the legend.

Holly Hunter (left) and Nicolas Cage star in "Raising Arizona," a 1987 film directed by Joel Coen and produced by Ethan Coen.

Class of 1987: ‘Raising Arizona’

Hardly a lark, “Raising Arizona” is a story of loneliness, love, legacy and regret while remaining the Coens' most poignant, humane and hilarious work yet.

The Long and Short of It: ‘The English Patient’

An admirable epic, but its attempt to feel like an old classic clashes with the more contemporary grit at the dark heart of the story.

Oscar Nominations, Snubs and Reactions

The Academy Award nominations for 2016 are in: Who are the big winners and losers?

Movie Jibber Jabber Vol. 2, No. 1: Silence

"Movie Jibber Jabber" returns with a long musing on Scorsese's "Silence."

The Long and Short of It: ‘Braveheart’

In the first entry of his new column, Sam paints his face blue and straps in for the 1995 war epic "Braveheart."

Upcoming movies for 2017

What does 2017 mean for Hollywood?