Netflix Cinema: To The Bone

Logan Sowash starts his dive into the Netflix Original Film pool with a drama about anorexia, self-discovery and life.

Tom Hanks and Dan Aykroyd star in 1987's "Dragnet," a Universal Pictures release.

Class of 1987: ‘Dragnet’

“Dragnet” is pokey next to its peers. Then again, like many prototypes, it’s a merely sufficient expression of possibility without refinement of later versions.

All-New Movie Jibber-Jabber: The Mummy

This week Nick Rogers joins the Jibber-Jabber to talk "The Mummy."

Russell Crowe’s Best Films

A look at the best of Russell Crowe.

All-New Movie Jibber-Jabber: Wonder Woman

This week, Evan and Aly Caviness discuss "Wonder Woman." Warning: SPOILERS!

Jeff Taylor (Kurt Russell) finds himself in way over his head in "Breakdown," a 1997 thriller from Paramount Pictures.

Class of 1997: ‘Breakdown’

In the “Class of …” series, Nick Rogers takes a monthly look back at films celebrating either their 20th or 30th anniversary of initial release this year — six from 1997 and seven from 1987 (the extra in a forthcoming double-feature column). The rules: No Oscar nominees and no films that were among either year’s top-10 box-office […]

The Long and Short of It: ‘The Godfather Part III’

It stands as a poignant bookend to a hefty cinematic saga — and the film that brought Film Yapper Sam Watermeier into the world.

What films are predicted to be top grossing in 2017?

What movie will be king at the box office?