The blurred line between reality and fiction plays havoc with the mind of insurance investigator John Trent (Sam Neill, center) in John Carpenter's 1995 horror film "In the Mouth of Madness," a New Line Cinema production.

Class of 1995: ‘In the Mouth of Madness’

Largely lost during the '90s' lap of luxury, John Carpenter's horror parable for a world whittling away until *you* are an abnormality hits close to home today.

Win, lose or draw, casino movies have it all

It’s hard to think of many locations that can match up to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood other than Las Vegas, so much that it’s proved such fertile ground for screenwriters that they keep coming back for more time and time again. Although, it’s not just the glitz and glamour that keep on providing […]

Paris Texas II

Buried Treasures: Paris, Texas

Wim Wenders' “Paris, Texas” presents a stark, empty world, into which is infused a deeply touching story of lost love.
Verna Bloom (left) and Griffin Dunne star in 1985's "After Hours," a comedy directed by Martin Scorsese.

Class of 1985: ‘After Hours’

Though far from flawless as a comedy, Martin Scorsese’s use of the form as catharsis to shake off his setbacks makes "After Hours" its own sort of masterpiece.

Outlander Inside

Film on Vinyl: Outlander

Next up on Film on Vinyl’s playlist: Spacelab 9's release of the "Outlander" soundtrack. It's a score torn between two worlds.
Cookie's Fortune Featured Image

Buried Treasures: Cookie’s Fortune

But in 1999, Altman tried something a bit unique – he directed a motion picture with a plot. One plot. One story. A comparatively small cast of characters. "Cookie's Fortune" is Altman’s funniest picture since “M*A*S*H."

From left, Dennis Hopper, John Stockwell, Danielle von Zerneck and Fisher Stevens star in "My Science Project," a 1985 sci-fi comedy directed by Jonathan R. Betuel.

Class of 1985: ‘Real Genius’ / ‘My Science Project’

From a banner year for sci-fi comedies, Nick takes a look at one of the greatest ... and one of the not-so-greatest.
Zero Effect Featured Image

Buried Treasures: Zero Effect

Zero Effect” tells the story of Daryl Zero (Bill Pullman), supposedly the world’s “most private detective.” The screenplay is alluring, the script is tight (like something David Mamet might have written, albeit without his trademark stilted dialogue), and the acting is first rate.