Top Sci-Fi Films

Film on Vinyl: Top Five Sci-fi Soundtracks

Science Fiction films have allowed us to gaze into the future, and behind every memorable Sci-fi film created, there's an even more memorable score behind it.
Harry Valentini (Danny DeVito), a waiter named Marco (Ray Sharkey) and Moe Dickstein (Joe Piscopo) try to outrun the Mafia in "WIse Guys," a 1986 MGM comedy directed by Brian De Palma.

Class of 1986: ‘Wise Guys’

Brian De Palma is the last person you'd expect to attempt artful zaniness, so there's clearly some fascination to be found even in a failure such as this.


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007 is a badass, to be sure. But what makes him so darn suave?

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Movies with girls can be for guys, too.

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Film on Vinyl: Record Store Day Preview

In 11 days, one of the most celebrated holidays in the world will take place ... Record Store Day. Take a peek at some of the hottest exclusive soundtracks.
From one Immortal to another, Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez (Sean Connery) mentors Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) in "Highlander," Russell Mulcahy's Cannon Films cult classic from 1986.

Class of 1986: ‘Highlander’

Before it came to a thudding halt, the rich world of “Highlander” — in all its bombast and bereavement — was, and still is, worth getting lost in for two hours.

Amazing Spiderman Featured

Film on Vinyl: The Amazing Spider-Man

Marc Webb's "The Amazing Spider-Man" may have split audiences down the middle, but James Horner absolutely nailed the friendly neighborhood wallcrawler's score.
Quint (Tommy Lee Jones) puts the pedal to the metal of the titular car in "Black Moon Rising," a 1986 action-thriller from New World Pictures.

Class of 1986: ‘Black Moon Rising’

Sometimes the deeper, darker cracks of history are there for a reason, and some films, like "Black Moon Rising," must fall into them at 325 miles per hour.