MCU Retrospective, Part 18: “Thor: Ragnarok” feat. “Black Panther”

In this final entry to the series, we revisit Marvel's two kings as they face crisis in their kingdoms.

MCU Retrospective, Parts 16/17—”Guardians Vol. 2″ & “Spider-Man: Homecoming”

In this entry, we get goofy with the Guardians again AND get reintroduced to our favorite wall-crawling web-slinger.

MCU Retrospective, Part 15—”Doctor Strange”

Marvel's first take on mysticism has plenty of trippy visuals and bizarre concepts to enjoy, but lacks the vibrant characters to cover up its many cracks.

MCU Retrospective, Part 14—”Captain America: Civil War”

A greater commitment to one of its many angles could have made it a masterpiece, but as it is, it's still an impressively muscular and cerebral superhero film.

MCU Retrospective, Part 13—”Ant-Man”

It might be Marvel's most-forgotten entry, but this itty-bitty story deserves another look.

MCU Retrospective, Part 12—”Avengers: Age of Ultron”

It's amazing what a few flaws and a monstrous reputation to uphold can do to a film's legacy, despite all of its undeniable strengths.

MCU Retrospective, Part 11—”Guardians of the Galaxy”

Marvel's first journey into the cosmos surprised us with one of the series' most oddball and lovable entries, and a team-up movie better than "The Avengers."

#Oscars90 Reaction

They came, they saw, they got bling, they sang-off key. Christopher Lloyd gives his views on the 90th Academy Awards.