2009 Heartland Film Festival
Bag It inside

Bag It

Yes, it's another save-the-environment doc, but this one's worth it.
Precous - inside


A harrowing, if occasionally hoary, story of a teenager’s survival and self-reliance amid demonic domesticity.

Gloria La Morte - inside

Gloria La Morte

Gloria La Morte, the co-writer and co-director of the Crystal Heart Award-winning "Entre Nos," talks about making a very personal film with partner Paola Mendoza.
Welcome - inside


Lindon and Ayverdi give great performances and this is one of the rare films that you consider yourself lucky to have seen. A truly moving piece of cinema.

Welcome - inside

“Welcome” wins Heartland’s top prize

"Welcome" wins $100,000 prize for Best Dramatic Feature; "P-Star Rising" wins $25,000 Best Documentary award; "Bicycle (Jitensha)" wins Best Short Film and $10,000.
Hachi - inside

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

"Hachi: A Dog's Tale" is an unapologetic tear-jerker, and one unlikely to leave a dry eye in the house.

Free Wall - inside

Free Wall

It doesn't tread much new ground thematically, but "Free Wall" is as good as any short you'll see.
Rough Aunties - inside

Rough Aunties

"Rough Aunties" is a sobering documentary about women fighting sexual abuse in South Africa, but leans a tad heavily toward sisterly camaraderie.

After The Storm - inside

After the Storm

After the Storm is a moving documentary that shows despite the clean up, the healing process is far from complete. A real eye-opening, wonderful film.
Spooner - inside


Spooner is a quirky little comedy that for the most part works and is powered by wonderful performances from its lead actors.

The Best Part of My Day - inside

The Best Part of My Day

A sweet little short that has more than its fill of funny moments, Dewhurst gives us a charming tale that we can all too easily relate to.
Seven Minutes inside

Seven Minutes in Heaven

Not a bad film, but it doesn't do much to distinguish itself as original.

D Tour - inside

D Tour

A little slice of life, a mildly engagaing film that works most of the time, but doesn't necessarily stand out amidst a slew of heart-rending docs out there.
P-Star interior

P-Star Rising

An engaging documentary, "P-Star Rising" approaches the child-star phenomenon from a bit of a different angle.