2014 Heartland Film Festival
Siddharth Narayan Latest New Wallpapers in 180 Movie

“Siddharth” wins Heartland grand prize

The winners of the 2014 Heartland Film Festival have been announced. Get the full list of winners and nominees here.
"Becoming Bulletproof" (2014), an official selection for Documentary Feature at the Heartland Film Festival.

Becoming Bulletproof

"Becoming Bulletproof" explores the significance, dignity and purpose to be found in lives of the disabled without resorting to being manipulative or romanticizing.

The new film Drunktown's finest playing Heartland Film Festival

Drunktown’s Finest

"Drunktown's Finest" is the Native American "Crash," and I mean that in a good way. It's a touching, harrowing portrait of life on the reservation.
where the road int

Where the Road Runs Out

"Where the Road Runs Out" features a message of transformation and returning to one's roots to find their core self will resonate with many of the audience.

violet int


"Violet" is a departure for director Luiso Berdejo. But it clearly embodies his distinctive style, and his voice resonates loudly with this indie gem.

Uzumasa Limelight

“Uzumasa Limelight" is a moving piece of cinema that charms and shines the spotlight on one of Japan’s premier Kirareyaku artists, and its ending is beautiful.

Diana Elizabeth Torres stars in East Side Sushi

East Side Sushi

Don't let the sweet exterior fool you: Beneath "East Side Sushi's" delicate veneer is a tough, scrappy little picture.
photo of film Metalhead


Although slow in parts and questionably plotted, impressive scenery, an intense lead performance and a rousing soundtrack make "Metalhead" worthwhile.

Objects in Mirror -  thumb

Objects in Mirror

Many films have found the extraordinary in the mundane, but watching "Objects in Mirror" feels like being trapped in the apartment with the heroine.
VIDA - Inside

Una Vida: A Fable of Music and the Mind

A beautiful, heartfelt movie about finding redemption through simple acts of love.

DHAMPUS - Inside

Highway to Dhampus

A movie that tries cultural commentary but misses, landing in a comfortable little nook inhabited by pleasing romantic movies with gorgeous cinematography.
Diana Elzabeth Torres

Diana Elizabeth Torres, “East Side Sushi”

The star of Heartland Film Festival's "East Side Sushi" talks her first lead role, learning to play a believable chef and acting for Paul Thomas Anderson.

"Marmato" (2014), directed by Mark Grieco and an official documentary selection at the 2014 Heartland Film Festival.


"Marmato" is a provocative documentary about a 500-year-old Colombian mining town that finds itself under siege politically, economically and militarily.
"Strangely in Love" (2014) starring Jemuel Morris, Michelle Lang and directed by Amin Matalqa.

Strangely in Love

A love triangle fairy tale about three lonely idiots, "Strangely in Love" is a whimsically bent adaptation of Dostoevsky set in contemporary Los Angeles.