2010 Heartland Film Festival


by Joe Sheareron May 11, 2011
The dummies chatter all day, and they have their puppets with them, too.

10 Mountains 10 Years

by Austin Lugaron October 17, 2010
Maybe there should be two mountain climbing Alzheimer's movies?

Geoff Marslett, “Mars”

by Joe Sheareron October 17, 2010
Marslett talks about casting his film, using a hybrid animation style, and creating a president that avoids referencing politics.

Heartland announces 2010 winners!

by Christopher Lloydon October 17, 2010
"The Space Between" wins best drama feature, while "Freedom Riders" is honored as the top documentary and "Butterfly Circus" is named best short film.

The Parking Lot Movie

by Joe Sheareron October 17, 2010
As unlikely a choice as you'll EVER have, but I promise you won't regret it.

Among Us

by Austin Lugaron October 16, 2010
A personal family story still works with a little bit of the supernatural.

Black, White and Blues

by Austin Lugaron October 16, 2010
Mario van Peebles directed a very good movie about music and redemption.


by Joe Sheareron October 16, 2010
A whimsical, quirky sci fi romantic comedy that is light on the science.

Alex Etel

by Christopher Lloydon October 16, 2010
The co-star of "Ways to Live Forever" talks about acting for Danny Boyle and how he stays "a regular kid from Manchester."

Rahul Gandotra, “The Road Home”

by Joe Sheareron October 15, 2010
Gandotra discusses the genesis of "The Road Home," making short films, and converting them to feature-length productions.