2011 Indy Int’l Film Festival

Mike Cahill, “Another Earth”

The writer-director of "Another Earth" sits down with the Yap to discuss his film debut and the sci-fi genre's ability to externalize internal monologues.

If the Seed Doesn’t Die

“If the Seed Doesn’t Die” is a touching tale of how far a parent will go for his children, no matter how old they get.

Shut Up Little Man!

Documenting the lost art of audio verite, this exercise in voyeurism is as engaging as it is hilariously absurd.
Annabelle and Bear inside

Annabelle and Bear

A touching father/daughter bonding film, "Annabelle and Bear" is a worthwhile road trip.

Dog Sweat inside

Dog Sweat

This likable movie about relationships in Iran has just a few too many storylines.
Natural Selection inside

Robbie Pickering, Writer/Director, “Natural Selection”

Pickering speaks of basing his film on real life, creating characters who are more than archetypes and avoiding politics in a film about conservative Christians.

The Green Wave - inside

The Green Wave

A powerful look at the Green Revolution of Iran in 2009 told through interviews, archival footage and haunting animation.
We're Glad You're Here inside

Hannah Fidell, “We’re Glad You’re Here”

The filmmaker behind "We're Glad You're Here" discusses her film as a feminist experiment, filling a hole in the independent-film scene and life imitating art.

Something_Left,_Something_Taken inside

Something Left, Something Taken

An adorably informative short film, "Something Left, Something Taken" is THE animated film for fans of "CSI" but is middle-school appropriate.

Indy Film Fest 2011

In this week's show, Joe and Chris yap about 2011's Indianapolis International Film Festival, running July 14-24.

Natural-Selection inside

Natural Selection

A provocative, enlightening and interesting film, "Natural Selection" is a film that isn't afraid to take dramatic risks.
A Bag of hammers inside

A Bag of Hammers

Part zany comedy, part searing drama that, when it's on, really works.

JEss and moss lede

Jess + Moss

A playtime fantasy of 9-year-olds stranded all alone combined with harsh reality, "Jess and Moss" is a wondrous, beautiful film.
Small Town Murder Songs inside

Small Town Murder Songs

Cool variations on a familiar story make this an easy recommendation.