2012 Indy Int’l Film Festival
Olivia Silver - inside

Olivia Silver, writer/director of “Arcadia”

First-time filmmaker Olivia Silver talks about directing John Hawkes and some promising young actors in "Arcadia," an evocative coming-of-age road-trip story.
BeFunky_Wonder Women inside

Wonder Women: The Untold Story of American Superheroines

"Wonder Women" is Saturday-afternoon documentary material, and I mean that in the best possible way.

Bob Byington - lede

Bob Byington, writer/director of “Somebody Up There Likes Me”

Writer/director/sometimes actor Bob Byington, sometimes called the indie-film scene's best-kept secret, talks about his new film, "Somebody Up There Likes Me."
Narcocorrido filmmaker - lede

Ryan Prows, writer/director of “Narcocorrido”

Ryan Prows, the writer and director of the dramatic short film "Narcocorrido," talks about his thesis project for the American Film Institute.

Ecstacy of Order inside

The Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters

An airy, light, fun, diverting trifle that captures the fun and spirit of a strange obsession.
Cinema Six filmmakers - lede

Mark Potts, filmmaker and star, “Cinema Six”

Mark Potts, co-director, co-writer and star of the Indy Film Fest comedy/drama "Cinema Six," talks about life behind the concession bar and the camera.


Brothers on the Line

A PBS-style documentary focusing on the trials and tribulations of labor unions in the auto industry. More than just a history lesson, it's a family affair.
Side by side inside

Side By Side

A must-see documentary for movie lovers, an essential look into the industry and a rare opportunity to hear the giants of the industry talk about their craft.


Rolling on the Floor Laughing

That awkward moment when a widower introduces her grown children to her new boyfriend is perfectly executed in this drama short.

Late Summer

A timely seasonal drama about a young woman's transition from carefree teenager to responsible adult.

notes on biology - lede

(notes on) biology

Technically impressive, "(notes on) biology" is more like a warmup exercise to a movie than an actual, even short, one.
Little Boat - lede

Little Boat

A mere four minutes of wondrous animation, "Little Boat" is small cinema, writ large.

Pedestrian Jar - lede

Pedestrian Jar

A one-joke film short, although it is a pretty good joke.
Narcocorrido - lede


Like a mini-epic, "Narcocorrido" feels like part of a much grander story, of which we're only seeing a small slice.