2013 Indy Int’l Film Festival
Coldwater 2


Powerful and affecting, "Coldwater" is a must-see.

Liv and Ingmar

Liv and Ingmar is a film about passion, love and the enduring connection two spirits can have. It is wonderfully romantic yet tragically sad.

inside inside

A Song Still Inside

"A Song Still Inside" is a raw portrayal of the struggles a young couple faces when careers and relationships collide.
Tiny filmmakers - lede

“TINY” co-directors Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller

Merete Mueller, co-director of the documentary "TINY: A Story About Living Small," talks about making the film and her personal journey.

The Jogger - thumb

The Jogger

"The Jogger" is the cinematic equivalent of such grammatical taboos as incomplete thoughts and sentence fragments, though not without certain promising elements.
theyworetheredsuit - interior

They Wore the Red Suit

A heartwarming, albeit cornball, documentary about the life of the ever-diminishing 12-month Santa.

chalan - interior

Chalán (Gofer)

Despite giving away an important plot twist in the opening sequence, "Gofer" oozes genuine drama.

The Bounceback

A lewd, crude romantic comedy with heart.