2010 Indy Int’l Film Festival
A Little Help - lede

IIFF winners announced

"A Little Help" takes the top prize at Indy Film Fest 2010.
Nancy Carlson inside

Director Nancy Carlson, “Movers and Stakers”

Director Nancy Carlson talked to us about her delightful new documentary covering the history of US 40.

Peepers Interview inside

Director/Co-Writer Seth W. Owen, “Peepers”

Seth W. Owen made one of the most unique films at this year's festival: the comedic story of a band of peeping toms.

Dynamic Tom

A poignant portrait of a lonely-rogue charmer.

Conor Horgan interview inside

Director Conor Horgan, “One Hundred Mornings”

The "One Hundred Mornings" director discusses the film, not telling the audience what has happened, and creating a film that is both universal and specific to a certain culture.
Wo Ai Ni Mommy filmmaker - lede

Stephanie Wang-Breal, “Wo Ai Ni Mommy”

Stephanie Wang-Breal directed "Wo Ai Ni Mommy," a documentary about one Chinese girl's adoption by an American family.

Edgers interview lede

Geoff Edgers, “Do It Again”

Edgers chatted with The Yap about his documentary "Do It Again," his love for The Kinks and shifting his film's focus.
Fish Out of Water inside

Fish Out of Water

This documentary reexamines all of the Bible evidence that has been used against homosexuality.

Greg Luna

Greg Luna, “MWM”

Greg Luna talks his film "MWM," which explores the one place gay men are able to safely come out of the closet--the Internet.
When I Rise inside

When I Rise

"Rise" should take its place in line of incredible stories of hope, rebellion and triumph in its genre.

Art house lede

Art House

A lot like time-traveling back to your college years: fun and breezy, but not really as interesting as you seem to remember.
The Wildest Dream - lede

The Wildest Dream

This engaging documentary explores the first, fatal -- but perhaps successful -- attempt to climb Mount Everest.

Hector featured

Hector Corp

“Hector Corp” places a finger firmly on the pulse of modern America — and captures all its financial fears.
Bygone Behemoth

Bygone Behemoth

This 6-minute animated short looks at a former Hollywood movie monster in his declining years.