2010 Indy Int’l Film Festival

Film reviews for the 2010 Indianapolis International Film Festival

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IIFF winners announced

“A Little Help” takes the top prize at Indy Film Fest 2010. Continue reading

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Director Nancy Carlson, “Movers and Stakers”

Director Nancy Carlson talked to us about her delightful new documentary covering the history of US 40. Continue reading

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Director/Co-Writer Seth W. Owen, “Peepers”

Seth W. Owen made one of the most unique films at this year’s festival: the comedic story of a band of peeping toms. Continue reading

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Dynamic Tom

A poignant portrait of a lonely-rogue charmer. Continue reading

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Director Conor Horgan, “One Hundred Mornings”

The “One Hundred Mornings” director discusses the film, not telling the audience what has happened, and creating a film that is both universal and specific to a certain culture. Continue reading

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Stephanie Wang-Breal, “Wo Ai Ni Mommy”

Stephanie Wang-Breal directed “Wo Ai Ni Mommy,” a documentary about one Chinese girl’s adoption by an American family. Continue reading

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Geoff Edgers, “Do It Again”

Edgers chatted with The Yap about his documentary “Do It Again,” his love for The Kinks and shifting his film’s focus. Continue reading

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Fish Out of Water

This documentary reexamines all of the Bible evidence that has been used against homosexuality. Continue reading

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Greg Luna, “MWM”

Greg Luna talks his film “MWM,” which explores the one place gay men are able to safely come out of the closet–the Internet. Continue reading

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When I Rise

“Rise” should take its place in line of incredible stories of hope, rebellion and triumph in its genre. Continue reading

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