Heartland: Rob Reiner

The director discusses his new film "LBJ," politics, and Andre the Giant.

Heartland: The Mad Whale

“The Mad Whale” is an intriguing film that is suffocating with its intensity and features a commanding performance from Phoenix that definitely makes it as a must-see.

Heartland: Shut Up Anthony

While the emotional core may be a tad dry, Shut Up Anthony provides some of the best commentary on the folly of everyday conversation in recent memory.

Heartland: What Children Do

For tickets and show times, please click here. After watching “What Children Do,” I was surprised that it took me this long to see a super indie comedy drama at Heartland Film Festival. Regardless of the film’s quality, this is a film that I think most people expect to see at a film festival. It […]

Heartland: The Tree

This wistful, lovely drama treats its elderly subject straight-on with tenderness and insight. Based on the filmmaker's mother's life.

Heartland: Tatterdemalion

Tatterdemalion answers a question that no mystery fan wants to be answered: what happens when a film's core mystery is weak and boring?

Heartland: ‘The Girl Who Invented Kissing’ ★★★★

For tickets and show times, please click here. Writer-director Tom Sierchio does not make it easy for you to like “The Girl Who Invented Kissing” because at times the film seems to borrow plot devices seen in other independent features. The story, set in Bloomfield, N.J., covers familiar territory: two middle-age brothers dealing with various […]

Heartland: ‘The Maestro’ ★★★

For tickets and show times, please click here. By Bob Bloom “The Maestro,” a period piece about talent and dreams, fails to hit all the right notes. The movie, directed by Adam Cushman and written by C.V. Herst, is an earnest feature that lacks any emotional wallop. And because it plays out at a steady […]