Wonder Woman

What makes "Wonder Woman" such a superlative superhero flick? It starts with this heroine, and this actress.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

Despite being hidden from critics and failing to find a substantial audience, "Captain Underpants" is witty, well-done animated filmmaking for small kids and families.


"It" is a beautifully old-fashioned horror flick. You'll feel like a kid again as it washes over you. You'll float, too.

Crown Heights

One of Hollywood's brightest young lights, Lakeith Stanfield, makes the most of his leading role in this powerful drama about a wrongfully convicted man.

Band Aid

A delicious and strong filmmaking debut by Zoe Lister-Jones about a couple who form a rock band as an outlet for their marital strife.


A B-movie spy thriller with A-list talent in front of and behind the camera, "Unlocked" shows you don't need a Bourne or Bond budget to shine.


Stretching is good if you’re exercising but not if you’re making movies. "Baywatch" has enough good yuks for a half-hour TV show, at best.


This French-Canadian animated romp isn't great, but it's much better than the production values and formulaic story might suggest.