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Harold Lloyd finds himself in a precarious position while trying to make $1,000 in "Safety Last!," a 1923 silent-film classic being screened with live organ accompaniment on Friday, January 27 in Lafayette, Indiana.

Safety Last!

The idea to continually aspire and ascend – and someday succeed – propels both the brilliance of "Safety Last!" & the enduring legacy of Harold Lloyd’s appeal.

The Sundowners (1960)

Part Australian outback travelogue, part adventure story and part family dramaturgy, "The Sundowners" is a largely forgotten classic worth revisiting.

The Girl on the Train

Despite a strong performance by Emily Blunt, “The Girl on the Train” loses momentum as it goes rather than gaining it.


Like Paul Verhoeven's pulpy American pictures, "Elle" is a taste of forbidden fruit, a peek at the seedy underbelly of seemingly sophisticated people.

Patriots Day

An often-puzzling, usually rah-rah look at the Boston Marathon bombings, "Patriots Day" will please the masses and the critics. For the most part.


"Silence" represents the culmination of a great filmmaker’s cinematic representation of his own struggles with faith and religion — which aren't the same thing.

Live By Night

Ben Affleck certainly knows how to shoot himself as a director, and how to shoot himself in the foot as a screenwriter.

Underworld: Blood Wars

"Underworld: Blood Wars" is the kind of entry in a franchise that you're likely to enjoy if you already enjoy the franchise. If not, why else would you see it?