DVD Reviews
Maggie's Plan - featured

Maggie’s Plan

A smart and sharp comedy with a streak of insightful social commentary, “Maggie’s Plan” is about the conflicting choices young women face these days.
The Angry Birds Movie - featured

The Angry Birds Movie

A generic jumble of fart jokes and zippy pratfalls, "The Angry Birds Movie" is just sheer brute lazy moviemaking.

Confirmation - featured


Though it amounts to little more than picking at old scabs, "Confirmation" boasts fine lead performances that give dimension to Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas.
Sing Street - featured

Sing Street

A story about Ireland, rock 'n' roll, abusive priests, divorcing parents, bullies, warm-hearted brothers and loving a girl way out of your league.

Elvis and Nixon - featured

Elvis & Nixon

A smart and sly take on a bit of kooky history, explored with humor and a surprising amount of insight into two iconic men’s troubled souls.
Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice - featured

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Except for Ben Affleck's brooding, self-doubting Batman and Gal Gadot's muscular presence, "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" is a disaster.

Everybody Wants Some - featured

Everybody Wants Some!!

If you’d have told me my favorite movie of 2016 would be a plotless paean to college sex, beer & rock ‘n’ roll, I’d have called you a moonbat. But here we are.
I Saw the Light - featured

I Saw the Light

A fine performance by Tom Hiddleston as legendary honky tonk crooner Hank Williams, though the movie around it falls a little short.