DVD Reviews

The Florida Project

It failed to get the Best Picture Oscar nomination it deserved, but this magnificent little film, shot on a shoestring with mostly non-actors, has a vibrancy and an authenticity that leap off the screen.


It may not be the most original movie to come down the pike, but “Wonder” is decorated with nice, crisp performances and an authentic human story that’s hard to resist.

Victor Crowley

"Victor Crowley" is a slasher film homage that, outside of some creative kills, seems to forget to be funny...or enjoyable.

Only the Brave

A very old-fashioned sort of filmmaking -- it’s essentially a war movie with fires swapped in for terrorists or Germans -- “Only the Brave” has heart, vitality and unexpected wisdom.

Last Flag Flying

A worthy look at men weighing their lives, recalling their misspent days of youth while sitting upon the precipice of old age.

Goodbye Christopher Robin

This biopic about the "Winnie-the-Pooh" author is an absolutely gorgeous film that explores some rather ugly subjects.

Blade Runner 2049

A completely seamless revisit to the dystopian future envisioned by author Philip K. Dick, now 30 years further down a dark road.


The newest adaptation of Stephen King's 'Goonies-fight-evil-clown' book is moody and evocative, yet overlong and over-reliant on boo-gotchas.