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Harold Lloyd finds himself in a precarious position while trying to make $1,000 in "Safety Last!," a 1923 silent-film classic being screened with live organ accompaniment on Friday, January 27 in Lafayette, Indiana.

Safety Last!

The idea to continually aspire and ascend – and someday succeed – propels both the brilliance of "Safety Last!" & the enduring legacy of Harold Lloyd’s appeal.


Like Paul Verhoeven's pulpy American pictures, "Elle" is a taste of forbidden fruit, a peek at the seedy underbelly of seemingly sophisticated people.

Patriots Day

An often-puzzling, usually rah-rah look at the Boston Marathon bombings, "Patriots Day" will please the masses and the critics. For the most part.


"Silence" represents the culmination of a great filmmaker’s cinematic representation of his own struggles with faith and religion — which aren't the same thing.

Live By Night

Ben Affleck certainly knows how to shoot himself as a director, and how to shoot himself in the foot as a screenwriter.

Underworld: Blood Wars

"Underworld: Blood Wars" is the kind of entry in a franchise that you're likely to enjoy if you already enjoy the franchise. If not, why else would you see it?

Nicolas Cage stars as Eddie King, an unhinged criminal, in "Arsenal," a 2017 Lionsgate release.


Nicolas Cage's unexpected revival of one of his campiest characters elevates, however slightly, an otherwise unremarkable VOD disaster.
Janelle Monáe, Taraji P. Henson and Octavia Spencer star in "Hidden Figures," a 20th Century Fox release.

Hidden Figures

"Hidden Figures" earns its inspiration by understanding the hard-fought ways in which cultural perseverance factors into equations larger than any of us.