Movie Reviews

Brigsby Bear

"Brigsby Bear" is one of the oddest, and oddly satisfying, things to see at the cinema.

Step (2017)

“Step” tells the story of several female college-prep seniors united by their love for dance and a shared black experience in the inner city.

Annabelle: Creation

Despite taking style notes from James Wan's "Conjuring" films, David Sandberg's pre-prequel exhausts with an overabundance of predictable and unoriginal scares.


This trenchantly observed dramedy from the team behind "Obvious Child" examines the trials of young womanhood.

Lady Macbeth

Despite a perversely fascinating turn of events, the slow-burn monotony and apparent lack of intent keep Lady Macbeth from being as sickly engaging as it could be.


A tense, well-made drama that is less an exploration of the pivotal role of the 1967 Detroit riot than the human tragedy behind a tiny part of it.

The Emoji Movie

Merely unremarkable from a technical standpoint, but its offenses to culture and cinema run much deeper.

13 Minutes

This compelling German drama looks at Georg Esler, whose little-known 1939 assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler failed to prevent an apocalypse he foresaw.