Movie Reviews

Last Flag Flying

A trio of ex-soldiers come to grips with the youngsters they were and the old men they are becoming in this engaging road trip picture.

Roman J. Israel, Esq.

Though it's Washington's most interesting performance in years, "Israel" isn't satisfying enough to be worth remembering for anything besides its protagonist.


Wildly imaginative and emotive, "Coco" is a fantastic blend of color and music that is easily the best animated film of the year.

ReelBob: ‘The Man Who Invented Christmas’ ★★★★

By Bob Bloom The title may be a trifle misleading, but an argument can be made that Charles Dickens is the man who invented Christmas.” Not the holiday, per se, but the way people view and celebrate it. Dan Stevens gives a lively performance as the famous author who, despite his success and celebrity, is […]


Mudbound shows a poignantly authentic view of American racism, and deserves praise for it. But it's severely hampered by its overlong and unfocused structure.


An old-fashioned, unrepentant tearjerker, in which Jacob Tremblay plays a disfigured boy trying to fit in.

Justice League

Occasionally goofy and sporting a generic doom-bringer villain, "Justice League" nevertheless finally delivers a worthy DC Comics flick.

The Square

The rare Palm d'Or winner from Cannes that is engaging and thoughtful, "The Square" ruminates on art, power and morality.