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Andy’s Take: Truth

Working well as a contemporary companion piece to "All the President's Men," "Truth" successfully and painfully portrays the sorry state of journalism today.

Another Take: Black Mass

Scott Cooper’s new film, “Black Mass,” is a tight, well-written gangster saga that somehow left me feeling a little underwhelmed.

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Another Take: Grandma

This unlikeable role is not the best work Lily Tomlin has ever done, but it’s her most complete, fleshed-out character, and it’s her first starring role in eons. While I don’t think “Grandma” is a great film, it is certainly a good one, and I expect more from director Paul Weitz in the future.
Merchants Of Doubt Inside Photo

Merchants Of Doubt

Although somewhat dry, “Merchants Of Doubt” maintains interest by casting a harsh light on those who would deny the effects of climate change as they once did the effect of cigarettes.

Ellar Coltrane and Ethan Hawke star in "Boyhood."

Reel Bob: At Oscars, only certainty is uncertainty

As Bob offers his picks, he considers how sometimes the Oscars can crush certainty to create historic surprises.
Despicable Me 2 - inside

Despicable Me 2

More of the same: a light, amusing, rather unambitious but agreeable piece of entertainment for little kiddies and patient parents.

Man of Steel - inside

Man of Steel

Superman may be capable of many amazing feats, but one thing he can't do is turn two films worth of material into a single good one.
Skyfall - inside


As much as “Casino Royale” felt like a game-changer six years ago, “Skyfall” moves the ball further down the field. It is both grander and grimmer.

Dark Knight Rises inside

The Dark Knight Rises

The Batman saga ends not with a bang but an allegory. It's a darker, bolder superhero flick that often tries to do too much.
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Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Chris has not been a fan of the "Madagascar" series, but the third one won him over.

2012_battleship_022 (1)


"Battleship" is "Pearl Harbor" meets "Independence Day" without the sublety of Michael Bay or Roland Emmerich.
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What to Expect When You’re Expecting

The self-help book gets turned into a mushy romantic comedy about a bunch of pregnant couples, only one of which is worth hanging out with.


The Dictator

Based on "The Dictator," I'd say Sacha Baron Cohen's reign of funny has come to an end.
The Avengers inside

The Avengers

The long-awaited superhero supergroup is finally assembled and their film does not disappoint. A smashmouth extravaganza of outsized proportions.