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Truth -- Featured Image

Andy’s Take: Truth

Working well as a contemporary companion piece to "All the President's Men," "Truth" successfully and painfully portrays the sorry state of journalism today.

Another Take: Black Mass

Scott Cooper’s new film, “Black Mass,” is a tight, well-written gangster saga that somehow left me feeling a little underwhelmed.

Grandma Featured Image

Another Take: Grandma

This unlikeable role is not the best work Lily Tomlin has ever done, but it’s her most complete, fleshed-out character, and it’s her first starring role in eons. While I don’t think “Grandma” is a great film, it is certainly a good one, and I expect more from director Paul Weitz in the future.
Merchants Of Doubt Inside Photo

Merchants Of Doubt

Although somewhat dry, “Merchants Of Doubt” maintains interest by casting a harsh light on those who would deny the effects of climate change as they once did the effect of cigarettes.

Ellar Coltrane and Ethan Hawke star in "Boyhood."

Reel Bob: At Oscars, only certainty is uncertainty

As Bob offers his picks, he considers how sometimes the Oscars can crush certainty to create historic surprises.
Despicable Me 2 - inside

Despicable Me 2

More of the same: a light, amusing, rather unambitious but agreeable piece of entertainment for little kiddies and patient parents.

Man of Steel - inside

Man of Steel

Superman may be capable of many amazing feats, but one thing he can't do is turn two films worth of material into a single good one.
Skyfall - inside


As much as “Casino Royale” felt like a game-changer six years ago, “Skyfall” moves the ball further down the field. It is both grander and grimmer.