Reeling Backward

Laura (1944)

The 1944 film noir is a movie with a distinctly pessimistic view of humanity that is photographed with an aching, shadowy beauty.

Touch of Evil

Classic film noir mystery / thriller is an absolute joy to watch.

The Hand (1981)

Oliver Stone's second feature film is a silly, scary, skeevy horror flick that touches a lot of erogenous zones for maturing minds.

Pulp Fiction

The most important film of the past 30 years is to be shown April 8 at the Old National Centre. Don't miss it!

The Hand (1960)

An execrable piece of British horror most notable for the total lack of scares and utter impenetrability of its plot.


John Boorman's adventure thriller still stands as one of the greatest films of the '70s.

Angel and the Badman (1947)

"Angel and the Badman" is regarded as one of the signature films in the John Wayne library, but it doesn't deserve to be.

Carbon Copy (1981)

Sometimes great things arrive unheralded — such as Denzel Washington's film debut in this throwback comedy that uses social ills as a springboard for yuks.