Austin Lugar — Biography


Austin Lugar is a complete nerd about movies and has been for quite a long time. When he was in elementary school, his dad showed him the famous “Who’s On First” sketch. In awe of its brilliance, Austin went on to watch every single Abbott and Costello movie. Since he figured he was already watching black and white movies, he might as well watch Alfred Hitchcock films. (That transition still doesn’t make sense to this day.) Ever since then, he’s been watching movies and reading everything he can about film history and theory.

Outside of film, Austin is the co-editor for two mystery nonfiction books. The first is Mystery Muses, which is the winner of the Anthony and Macavity awards. It is a collection of essays from published authors discussing the classic mystery that inspired their own work. The second one, which just came out last fall, is called Organizing Crime. This is a reference guide for every active mystery series on the market.

Austin is currently a student at Ball State University studying telecommunications. While he’s there he’s the lead writer and executive producer for the on-campus TV show, The Reel Deal. There he created “Film Snob,” a satirical web series about a snob who believes it’s his duty to teach everyone to be more like him. Also in Muncie, he is a featured speaker at the E.B. and Bertha C. Ball Center spotlighting different directors.

His favorite color is green; he likes pumpkin pie and prefers apples to oranges. You can find him at