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Escape from Area 51

“Escape from Area 51” is a funny sci-fi comedy that embraces all its campiness with no shame and doesn’t disappoint.

Cosmic Sin

"Cosmic Sin" is just another in a long line of recent direct-to-video releases Bruce Willis has attached his name to, collected a paycheck and did absolutely nothing with.

Riders of Justice

“Rider of Justice” is a cool, quirky film that features a heavyweight performance from Mads Mikkelsen.

Indy Film Fest: Lines

“Lines” is a powerfully beautiful short film. Their words are inspiring and hold so much power.

The Dig

I love history. I also love underdogs and unsung heroes, which is why I found "The Dig" so appealing.


Ticking clock movies are some of my favorite films. Then you add in some nice gore and some unexpectedly funny moments and I’m pushing my chips all in. “Triggered” is a nice little horror film that arrived too late for Halloween but will give you chills, nonetheless. “Triggered” checks every box in the horror genre […]

Love and Monsters

I love a good post-apocalyptic flick as much as the next person. Still, too often, they follow an all-too-familiar premise and offer little in the way of originality. “Love and Monsters” offers up a devastated world filled with big nasties but adds some comedy and a quest for love. Joel (Dylan O’Brien) is just trying […]

A Rainy Day In New York

Proof that 2020 has been a non-typical year is the fact that the chance to review “A Rainy Day in New York” by Woody Allen showed up and I jumped at the chance. I’ve never been a big fan of Allen but thought what the hell, I’ll roll the dice. “A Rainy Day in New […]