Jessica Sieff — Biography


Jessica Sieff spends most of her days toiling away at the news desk of a small daily paper in southwest Michigan.

Initially her work reviewing films began when she covered the Waterfront Film Festival in Saugatuck Mich., as a correspondent for the weekly newspaper The Local Observer and she has been attending and reporting on the festival ever since. Her first memory is of E.T., which left her in tears after each viewing, the first of which was so bad her mother was forced to take her out of the theater in the final act. She’s been in love with cinema ever since. There’s something about that moment when the lights dim in the theater, the people are all staring straight ahead… waiting for the scare or the kiss or the explosion or that tear jerking moment.

She really can’t pick a favorite movie, but she’s both a fan of All About Eve and Satisfaction as well as Black Hawk Down and Amelie…if that gives any example of her range of tastes.

While attending college in Pittsburgh and in northern Indiana, she studied screenwriting and film criticism before turning her focus to journalism. Jessica has contributed articles to The Local Observer’s Saugatuck and South Haven editions, The South Bend Tribune and the Tribune Business Weekly. When not contributing to her day job or the Yap, Jessica also works on various freelance writing projects.

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