Joe Donohue



Joe Donohue has been in love with movies for as long as he can remember. He can remember being about eight or nine and begging his mom if he could watch horror movies. Joe would plead with her, “but this one doesn’t have any nudity.” It was the thrill of being scared and the awe of how real these fictional monsters appeared that made Joe fall in love with cinema. While horror is Joe’s preferred genre, he hasn’t limited himself. Like any good film connoisseur, his way of saying geek, Joe spreads the wealth around. He’ll always have a spot in his heart for the story of a nearly incestuous farm boy with a greater destiny, the loveable, fedora wearing, snake-hating archaeologist and the double O agent who has more gadgets than the Dark Knight himself.

Joe’s obsession continued to grow as he worked and practically lived at the local movie theater and it carried over to his years at Indiana State. After graduating with a Radio-TV-Film degree Joe moved to Austin, Texas with a fellow movie connoisseur to attempt to do anything that had to do with movies. While that venue didn’t work out entirely it has only fed his desire to work in movies and Joe continues to try other venues in hopes to one day to achieve his dream. When Joe isn’t losing himself in movies he is nose deep in whatever comic book or graphic novel he can get his hands on and currently writing his own. Joe is also lucky enough to have a wonderful wife who supports him in his dreams but helps keep him grounded and an amazing son who keeps Joe on his toes.