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12 Monkeys (1995)

by on December 27, 2021
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The great Terry Gilliam, one of my favorite directors, does not seem like the sort of filmmaker who plans out anything ambitiously enough to be accused of making an unofficial trilogy. Especially since so many of his projects have fallen through, been slashed to pieces by the studio or hampered by disasters, natural or otherwise.

The man has suffered from the worst of luck, countered by being blessed with the finest of imaginations.

However, some insist that “12 Monkeys,” made in 1995 and one of Gilliam’s biggest commercial successes, forms the middle leg of an “Orwellian triptych” that began with his 1985 masterpiece “Brazil” and ended with 2013’s “The Zero Theorem.” Gilliam himself has been rather coy on the topic, alternately denying or seeming to support the idea.

Personally, I think the mad imp just enjoys the attention.

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