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Here’s Key and Peele’s hilarious Gremlins 2 sketch

by on August 28, 2015
A special treat for fans of “Gremlins 2”: a skit by Key and Peele theorizes on the originas of the famously-daffy “Gremlins 2: The New Batch.”
“Gremlins 2”? About half of you remember that movie, right? That’s the one where Billy moves to New York and the Gremlins follow, leading to crazy “specialty” Gremlins, including a smart Gremlin, bat and spider hybrid Gremlines, and one made of electricity.

Key and Peele’s skit features a “Hollywood sequel doctor” who…well, you can see for yourself:

What do you think about  their take on”Gremlins 2″? Which obscure sequel should the guys take on next? 



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