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by on October 13, 2009
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Kavi - inside

A short (19 minutes) but powerful story about the real-life plight of Kavi, an Indiana boy who lives in slavery.

By some estimates, at least 27 million people around the world are trapped in a form of indentured servitude or other slavery. Kavi (Sagar Salunke, in an amazing performance for so small a child) works at a kiln with his parents, making bricks of mud and earth day after day. They live in a tiny, dirty shack, and the boy’s only outlet is a small plant he tends to and imagines is a farm.

Kavi dreams of going to school and playing cricket, like the other boys he sees pass by the kiln ever day. But the brutish boss and his thugs put down any thought of escape, or even happiness.

One day Kavi is working to discard unusable bricks, and happens upon a pair of social workers who want to help. But the boy is so frightened, he steals their offer of treats and a soda without telling them anything about his plight.

Writer/director Gregg Helvey paints a portrait of an unspeakable evil the civilized world thought banished long ago, but which still festers beneath the surface of mankind.

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