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The Formula of Cinema: Scientists Told How to Create a Movie That Everyone Will Like

by on May 26, 2021

There are a number of films that, due to their lightness, are often criticized by film critics. However, sentimental and simple films resonate with huge audiences and, like online blackjack Canada casino games, are sometimes even considered “classics.” Scientists decided to figure out what exactly attracts people to this kind of cinema because almost everyone has at least one such film among their favorites.

Research of Which Films Resonate More With Viewers

The study authors from the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics recruited 450 volunteers from Germany, Austria, Belgium, and Switzerland. The researchers asked the participants to fill out a questionnaire in which they had to tell which films, in their opinion, caused the most emotional uplift after watching. After analyzing the results, the researchers identified four films: “Love Actually”, “Pretty Woman”, “Amelie” and “1 + 1”.

After that, the scientists analyzed the “filling” of the films, that is, they studied not only the plot, but also the form of the narrative, characters, and much more. Study director and first author Keivan Sarkhosh says a “good movie” doesn’t just contain a happy ending and an element of humor. According to scientists, the characters and the plot schemes themselves are repeated in such films. “Finding true love with the help of friends, dealing with unfavorable circumstances, finding your place in society, becoming” — all this increases the chances of filmmakers to create a film that the audience will like.

A Simple Romance Is Unlikely to Be Remembered for a Long Time by the Viewer

Scientists say that in a “good movie” there must be a dramatic moment that causes a strong emotional shock to the viewer. Also, the authors of the study note that the fabulous setting pushes the viewer to fall in love with the picture and leaves behind a pleasant “aftertaste”.

In their findings, scientists also raised the topic of why people prefer such films to complex dramas or thrillers. As it turned out, most people watch light and kind films when they are in high spirits, but at the same time, they want to relax. Interestingly, many of the participants noted that to achieve this effect, the film must be made with quality and have a more unique plot than “silly comedies”.

Of course, everything is subjective and it is impossible to create a recipe for an ideal film. But, there is a reason to think about what makes good films good and bad ones bad.



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