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The Network (2013)

by on October 19, 2013
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Imagine a society where people have televisions hooked up to car batteries and a village where there may only be one TV among several families (and not flat screens, we’re talking about tube televisions). This is something we’re just not used to seeing because In American society, living without technology is nearly unfathomable — cell phones, tablets, and computers are all readily accessible and prevalent.

“The Network,” a film directed by Eva Orner, is a documentary that takes to task introducing a society without those luxuries.

“The Network” focuses on TOLO TV, Afghanistan’s first independent television station. The film does an excellent job of painting a portrait of Afghan society before delving into an analysis of the TOLO TV station and its inner workings of production and management.

Public education, women’s rights and politics are some of the more important themes the film touches on, but only toward the conclusion. Had these been the film’s main focus, it definitely would have made for a more interesting documentary.

It’s not to say that “The Network” isn’t a good film, but it covers so many different areas during its running time that it doesn’t give the viewer an in-depth look into any of them.



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