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Trailer Round-Up: Super Bowl Edition

by on February 4, 2014
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The Big Game was our main source of new movie trailers this week, offering us glimpses both truncated and expanded of several different upcoming films, many of which will be exploding into your megaplexes come summertime. In case you weren’t one of the 111 million people watching the Super Bowl (or, you know, took a pee break during commercials–bad choice, by the way…you could have easily done it during the actual game), here are looks at the ads that will get you pumped about the upcoming movie season.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

For movie fans, much speculation has been made as to whether Spidey’s doomed-in-the-comics love Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) will die in “ASM 2,” and early trailer shots of Gwendy wearing her familiar green jacket (in which she died in the comics) and freefalling as Spider-Man attempted rescue meant she would be Biting The Big One. The Super Bowl spot, however, suggests otherwise, seeming to showing her very much alive post-fall.

Also, we get more looks at villains, a few Spider-Quips, and some tantalizing action shots. Take a look:

But the folks at Sony weren’t done, as they quickly released a nigh-4-minute spot as a followup with even more. Here it is:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Marvel movie that keeps looking better and better gives us more Cap, more Falcon (Anthony Mackie), and more Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan).

And, like his webbed counterpart, Cap offers even more with an extended trailer:

Draft Day

What’s this you say? Kevin Costner is making a sports movie? No way. By the looks of the logos (the Browns, Chiefs, and Seahawks were prominent, as was footage of real players), it appears the NFL is on board. Take a look:

Transformers: Age of Extinction

It’s Michael Bay’s fourth time around. A few things are certain here: anonymous giant robots will slam into each other, often in slow motion, and it will be difficult to know who is who; there will be gratuitous slow motion lens-flare shots of a scantily-clad woman; and when I finally see the movie, I’ll be utterly disappointed at best, devastated at worst. But I’m still crazy excited to see Grimlock and the dinobots on screen. Damn you, Michael Bay. Here’s your tease:

Muppets Most Wanted

The Muppets have returned with a vengeance with their latest tale, and they’re bringing just about every comedian and celebrity working today with them. Love the approach to this commercial (this is the extended version of what aired on the pre-show), skewering those “critical acclaim” movie spots AND vapid Internet comments at the same time.

3 Days to Kill

Kevin Costner’s other movie comes out sooner and features him as a terrorist killer. But he still manages to work in a sports reference and slam another spot. Suck it, soccer!

Need for Speed

While it offers little insight into the plot other than “fast cars,” I’m going to describe “Speed” as “The Fast and the Pretty Ticked Off” until I see or hear otherwise. Fast cars, Aaron Paul, and helicopters round out this spot. I have to say, though, I respect their directness by employing a soundtrack that consists almost entirely of the muscle car equivalent of reciting vowel sounds.



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