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Why American Pie is not a movie about real students’ life

by on May 24, 2021

American Pie was released more than 20 years ago, in 1999. Basically, this is a sex comedy film that tells the story of a few teenagers from the US, making efforts to lose their virginity before high school graduation. Can you just imagine that this movie is so successful that it earned $235 million and was followed by multiple sequels? Its cast members are praised for their performances by many critics. American Pie stars a lot of great actors, such as Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, Alyson Hannigan, Mena Suvari, Eugene Levy, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Chris Klein, and others.

What is the movie about?

As mentioned above, this is a story about a group of friends, called Jim, Kevin, Chris and Paul, that are trying to lose their virginity because of the fear of becoming social outcasts. However, there is also Stifler in their company, who is the only guy having success with women. The movie shows how difficult it is for nerds to start sexual relationships. Each of them has their own unique experience full of both hardship and fun. But no matter what guys are doing, something goes wrong all the time. If you feel intrigued now, watch this humorous film as soon as possible!

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Being a student typically means that you need to devote all your time to your studies. College often doesn’t leave a chance for leisure activities and it gets really hard to do what you like. Even watching a movie may be impossible when you have to prepare for complicated assessments. However, this problem can be solved with the help of some expert assistance. You can find it on special online platforms if you contact their customer support saying ‘I need help with my research paper‘ and place an order there. Professional writers from writing companies can complete an assignment of any complexity for you. As a result, you will have time to unwind watching a nice comedy at night.

The difference between a movie and a real student life

As it was demonstrated in the film, student life is rich with new and exciting experiences. Although there are a lot of different things going on in college, far not everything shown in American Pie can happen in reality. Let’s consider what students actually face on campus in more detail.

  • Learning pressure 

From the movie, it may seem that guys do nothing except having fun at high school. However, this is not actually true in real life. The last years at school are the most difficult ones since there are so many assessment tests. In fact, many students experience severe stress and they don’t care much about entertainment. Also, building relationships is probably the last thing they can think about. Their attention is completely focused on learning for the upcoming exams. Most young people are absorbed by the process of choosing the right university program and applying for it.

  • Healthy lifestyle 

In American Pie, students seem not to care about their physical health at all. However, now it is very popular among the youths. Very few people party as hard as it is shown in the movie since the majority maintain their physical well-being and lead a healthy lifestyle. Instead of going to the discos, high school students usually try to get a good sleep in order to improve their study concentration. They also have a well-balanced diet that helps them think clearly as well as do sports regularly because it helps manage study-related stress.

  • Avoiding alcohol 

Everybody knows that alcohol disrupts both physical and mental health, so it’s strictly forbidden to consume it at high school. Although American Pie shows an alcohol culture, it’s not so widespread among students. What’s more, alcoholic beverages are becoming less popular in recent years since young people replace cocktail parties with other social activities, like playing table games or playing team sports games.

Final thoughts 

No matter how incredible a movie may be, its plot is usually far from reality. Hence, you should never form your opinion about a particular situation just after watching a film. If you want to imagine what your student life might be like, it would be better to discuss it with your friends and ask them to share their own experience rather than to watch a movie about it. Hopefully, now you realize that American Pie doesn’t show a realistic picture and you shouldn’t trust it a lot.

Author’s Bio 

James Collins is a researcher and film critic. He enjoys watching movies and writing reviews for them in popular online magazines. James also studies the history of cinematography and shares his insights in different scientific journals.



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