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Why is Black Widow tanking?

by on July 21, 2021

First of all, “Black Widow” is not tanking, despite this article from Microsoft News noting the 67% drop in theatrical tickets sales during its second weekend in release. I found similar ominous banging the drums of doom from Variety, Deadline, The Atlantic and the other supposed entertainment business experts.

The big fall is purportedly an indication the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe feature, hotly anticipated and then delayed more than a year in its release due to COVID, will not have “legs” as they say in the business — aka, continue to rack up big dollars for a long time.

Here are the hard numbers: “Black Widow” made $80 million in theaters its first weekend — the best 2021 opening — and just under $26 million this past one. That is a big drop, but not unprecedented for high-profile features. “F9” saw a similar decrease its second weekend, and I don’t recall everyone going plotz.

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