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Director Joe Carnahan returns with his second flick of the year - the bloody/funny good time that is "Copshop."

Prisoners of the Ghostland

"Prisoners of the Ghostland" is obsessed with Nicolas Cage's balls ... I just wish the movie itself was more nuts.

Review Twofer – Censor/The Last Matinee

Nostalgic international genre efforts both entertain.

The Card Counter

Writer/director Paul Schrader grapples with America's post-9/11 sins in "The Card Counter," but does so with surprising warmth and hopefulness.


Horrormeister James Wan's latest effort "Malignant" is a bugnuts blast.

Small Engine Repair

"Small Engine Repair" sorta feels like a depraved version of “Three Men and Baby” only fast forwarded 18 years and married to Peter Berg’s directorial debut “Very Bad Things.”


Netflix's latest actioneer "Kate" is sorta stale, but it’s not beyond the pale.

It Takes Three

"It Takes Three" is a high school take on "Cyrano de Bergerac" that doesn't understand teenagers, the way they talk or making them convincing characters.