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From left, Dennis Hopper, John Stockwell, Danielle von Zerneck and Fisher Stevens star in "My Science Project," a 1985 sci-fi comedy directed by Jonathan R. Betuel.

Class of 1985: ‘Real Genius’ / ‘My Science Project’

From a banner year for sci-fi comedies, Nick takes a look at one of the greatest ... and one of the not-so-greatest.

One Day in April

Bloomington's world renowned "Little 500" is every bit as grueling and triumphant as "Breaking Away" romanticized.

American Mary interior

American Mary (2012)

"American Mary" is a Canadian horror drama told uniquely from the perspective of a strong female lead. It's bold, meticulous and undoubtedly Schlocky.

Liberal Arts

"Liberal Arts" isn't going to change your life, but it is a pleasing diversion.

Late Summer

A timely seasonal drama about a young woman's transition from carefree teenager to responsible adult.

Damsels in Distress

Whit Stillman returns with a wonderful ode to idiocy in this college comedy.


Gregg Araki's new sex comedy delves into the ridiculous, but you don't have to care too much about the plot.

The Roommate

Sometimes you just need to let the film speak for itself.