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This documentary is really just the cinematic component of an international movement by business leaders, activists and thinkers to rejigger all of human activity around collectivist action.


A Brit couple experiences the pandemic over the course of a year in their home. Sharon Horgan and James McAvoy give masterful performances in a marvelous film that's about them, and us.


Combining elements of fantasy, horror and whimsy, this animated movie for adults is a quirky film that revels in its own oddity.

Searching for Mr. Rugoff

The Kan-Kan Cinema finally launches, appropriately, with this documentary about a quirky theater owner/film distributor who changed the course of how cinema is seen in America.

Queen of the Beach

A seemingly simple documentary about a child street vendor in India evolves into a fascinating rumination on the divide between West and East, storyteller and muse. Out on VOD Aug. 15.


This unabashedly erotic French film looks at the sizzling love affair between two famed writers who pushed the boundaries of expression and sexuality in the 19th century.


This trippy drama wanders narratively as a man falsely imprisoned for his wife's murder is subjected to cruel isolation and psychological torture.

Parallel Love: The Story of a Band Called Luxury

Four guys from a tiny community college form a band that pushes the edge Christian music. Years later, three of them are now Orthodox priests -- and they're still making music, as told in this fascinating documentary.