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"Flight" is an ambitious drama that keeps throwing you for loops, with Denzel Washington in his usual fine form.

Coming to DVD & Blu-ray Feb. 5

Denzel Washington is a pilot whose reputation is questioned in “Flight” and Kevin James mixes music and martial arts in “Here Comes the Boom.”

Nick’s 25 Best, 5 Worst and More of 2012

French actor. British spies. U.S. presidents. German dentist. Alaskan wolves. Indonesian thugs. Japanese chefs. Bengal tigers. It's Nick's best & worst of 2012.

Sam’s Top 10 Films of 2012

The world didn't end, but the line between popcorn entertainment and intimate drama was almost invisible in 2012.


Denzel Washington's never played a character like this, a deeply flawed man who is simultaneously heroic and loathsome.


More a story of uncertain teenagers than unstoppable superheroes, "Chronicle" is an unforgettable character study couched in comic-book wit, color and momentum.