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Gia Coppola (of the filmmaker family) experiences a sophomore slump with her second feature, "Mainstream," an out-of-touch satire of Internet fame that is as shallow as it is unbearable.

From Page to Screen: “The Godfather”

New Film Yap contributor Adam Aasen muses on turning Mario Puzo's trashy novel into one of the all-time GOAT films.

The Long and Short of It: ‘The Godfather Part III’

It stands as a poignant bookend to a hefty cinematic saga — and the film that brought Film Yapper Sam Watermeier into the world.

Vince Giordano – There’s a Future in the Past

Vince Giordano is a consummate showman leading his band, the Nighthawks, through decades of jazz music in this fun, but superficial, documentary.

Cinema Blind Spots: Patton (1970)

Despite its shortcomings, “Patton” is a time capsule that exhibits the 1950s studio epic aesthetic in a new 1970s style.

The Great Gatsby (1974)

A production design in search of a movie, "The Great Gatsby" is a curiously bloodless adaptation of the iconic Fitzgerald novel.

Class of 1983: “The Outsiders”

Despite great moments, "The Outsiders" feels like two movies awkwardly thrown together by an auteur who was adapting to being cowed by bankers and executives.

Apocalypse Now

This new Blu-Ray combo may be the best edition we'll ever have for this classic movie.