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Director Joe Carnahan returns with his second flick of the year - the bloody/funny good time that is "Copshop."

The Gateway

Urban action-drama "The Gateway" sports a killer Shea Whigham star turn and very little else of note.

The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

An action-comedy sequel where the action isn't as thrilling and the laughs aren't as present.

Cosmic Sin

"Cosmic Sin" is just another in a long line of recent direct-to-video releases Bruce Willis has attached his name to, collected a paycheck and did absolutely nothing with.

Cosmic Sin

After a majority of less-than-perfunctory “paycheck” performances over the course of his last two-dozen films, Bruce Willis has decided that his latest, Cosmic Sin, would be no exception. A sci-fi war “drama” built on a clearly emaciated budget, Cosmic Sin tells the story of an impending, intergalactic alien (slash zombie?) invasion and scorned military commander James Ford’s […]

Boss Level

It’s not every day that audiences can watch a movie where its protagonist gets decapitated a dozen times.

Body Brokers

"Body Brokers" is a stirring drama about the opioid crisis with a starry cast.

Review Twofer: Embattled/Jiu Jitsu

Two reviews for the price of one where the undercard bests the main event.