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Horrormeister James Wan's latest effort "Malignant" is a bugnuts blast.

No Sudden Move

Reviewer Alec Toombs prefers his Steven Soderbergh cool as opposed to cold and HBO Max's "No Sudden Move" is frigid.

Tom & Jerry

"Tom & Jerry" joins Sonic and Godzilla in the sad tradition of taking properties about cartoon animals and using them to make films about boring, poorly-formed human characters.

Earwig and the Witch

After waiting years for a new film from Studio Ghibli, American audiences can stream "Earwig and the Witch" on HBO MAX. Unfortunately, the ugly-looking movie helmed by Goro Miyazaki falls way short of his father's achievements.

Locked Down

Mileage will likely vary with these COVID-19 movies in the months and years to come. Many of us had enough of the pandemic, quarantine and 2020 in 2020, but reviewer Alec Toombs liked HBO Max's "Locked Down" better than most.

The Witches

Too scary for children; too childish for adults - reviewer Alec Toombs is uncertain for whom "The Witches" (2020) was made.

An American Pickle

Comedy fans can double down on Seth Rogen in HBO Max's "An American Pickle." Did reviewer Alec Toombs find it kosher?