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Heartland Horror: The Color Rose/Darkness in Tenement 45/La Dosis

Heartland Horror 2020: The horror! The horror! Or is it?

Indy Style — October 9

On this week's show, Chris takes a break from regular movie reviews to showcase Heartland Film Festival's 2020 lineup and hybrid screening experience with Greg Sorving.

Heartland: Love Type D

A heartwarming romantic comedy that dances to its own beat, about a woman convinced she has a gene consigning her to a life of love lost.

Heartland: Diapason

This slow-moving but often poignant Iranian drama looks at a mother who must make a difficult choice after experiencing a profound tragedy.

Heartland: 76 Days

A sobering, harrowing look at the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Heartland: All for My Mother

This searing Polish drama looks at a teen girl locked into a cruel juvenile reform system intent on reuniting with her mother.

“76 Days” w/Epidemiologist Eileen White, Part 2

In Part 2 of this discussion, epidemiologist Eileen White discusses how cultural differences and a lack of leadership contributed to our outbreak, her own experiences with COVID, and what our country can learn from this documentary and the responses of other countries.

“76 Days” w/Epidemiologist Eileen White, Part 1

Epidemiologist Eileen White discusses the documentary "76 Days," chronicling the early days of the COVID outbreak in Wuhan, and how it reflects America's struggles with the virus.