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Surprisingly even-handed look at Vatican II through the eyes of an aspiring young candidate for the sisterhood.

Key Largo

Gangsters, double-crosses, and mistaken identities highlight this classic pairing of Bogey and Bacall.

The Best Years of Our Lives

The first motion picture to deal with PTSD was a big-budget Hollywood classic.

The Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover

Seemingly designed for shock value, this picture is one of the most original visions I've ever seen.

North by Northwest

“North by Northwest” is one of those films in which I would change absolutely nothing.

Twelve Angry Men

Director Sidney Lumet forces us to feel the heightened emotions of the room via cinematography.

The Apple Dumpling Gang

While I'd never put it on my list of the 10 greatest Disney pictures, it is cute, and Knotts & Conway are a hoot.


Not the top-of-the-line Hitchcock, but 1958's "Vertigo" is always worth another look.