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Dumb yet fun "Jolt" could add a charge to your Friday or Saturday night.

Coming to DVD & Blu-ray Dec. 18

Colin Farrell mixes dreams with reality in the remake of "Total Recall" and Anna Kendrick turns a group of unlikely friends into a singing sensation in "Pitch Perfect" on DVD & Blu-ray this week.

Total Recall

I didn't think it possible, but they've done a remake of "Total Recall" that is less contemplative than the first one. This is not an insult.

Underworld: Awakening

Whether we like it or not, the "Underworld" series gives us another franchise installment — one that puts the "stall" in "installment."

Coming to DVD and Blu-ray May 8

Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams try to rediscover love in "The Vow" and Kate Beckinsale is at war in "Underworld: Awakening."


A tightly wound crime drama that's a great star showcase for Mark Wahlberg.

Coming to DVD & Blu-ray April 24

Mark Wahlberg is a former criminal coming out of retirement in "Contraband" and Halle Berry is a diving instructor with a deep rooted fears in "Dark Tide."

Back to the Eighties: 5 Unfortunate Remakes

The 1980s saw the release of some memorable and classic films that are not being taken out from archives and remade into modern, shallow productions.