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Hubie Halloween

You already know whether Netflix's “Hubie Halloween” is for you or not. This is a 102 minute movie wherein Adam Sandler’s essentially playing an adult version of Canteen Boy and opens the picture by projectile vomiting soup from the side of his bike.


"Becky" is a Hard R "Home Alone" wherein "The King of Queens" star Kevin James plays a neo-Nazi. Check out reviewer Alec Toombs' take on the flick.

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

What started out as a cute concept has turned into an animated franchise that desperately needs a stake through its cold, black heart.


Although falling well short of the Adam Sandler gold standards of old, there are still some laugh-out-loud moments in this adventure.

Hotel Transylvania 2

"Hotel Transylvania 2" won't win any contests for originality. It's TV-level storytelling with better animation & voice casting. But it's breezy, fun and dopey.

Little Boy

Like its protagonist, this tender little faith-based film has no friends. I guess I'll have to do.

Grown Ups 2

Stagnant and scatological, "Grown Ups 2" doesn’t have the nerve to try to offend you.

Coming to DVD & Blu-ray Feb. 5

Denzel Washington is a pilot whose reputation is questioned in “Flight” and Kevin James mixes music and martial arts in “Here Comes the Boom.”