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Language Lessons

I always find it exciting when someone who’s established themselves as an actor steps behind the camera to direct and/or write. It’s like seeing someone join your company in the mailroom and a few years later they’re being promoted to manager. Even better when they’re actually good at running the show. Natalie Morales, who’s had […]


Consistently strong acting performances keep it engaging, but the lack of exploration into the minds of the three women at its center is felt.


"Bombshell" may be a one-sided Hollywood takedown of Fox News, but it's as vibrant a depiction of the #MeToo movement as we've seen on film.

Table 19

Mumblecore with an emotionally resonant center, "Table 19" is a fun and smart little film celebrating the screw-ups and the outcasts.

The Lazarus Effect

"The Lazarus Effect" may be the first February horror film in a long time that shakes off that negative stigma ... sort of.


Melissa McCarthy's winning screen presence nearly carries "Tammy," but this raunchy comedy needed a few more spins through the screenplay wash cycle.

Nick’s 25 Best, 5 Worst and More of 2012

French actor. British spies. U.S. presidents. German dentist. Alaskan wolves. Indonesian thugs. Japanese chefs. Bengal tigers. It's Nick's best & worst of 2012.

Safety Not Guaranteed

Quite possibly the best movie of 2012 that nobody saw.